Together, we can save our planet and eliminate plastic pollution.

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of Plastic Eliminated Since 2014.
With your everyday choices, you have the power to eliminate plastic pollution. Join us to make daily changes that help eliminate plastic pollution.
Our Mission

Eliminate Plastic to make the world healthier.

Footprint Foundation is dedicated to eliminating plastic pollution from the environment and educating people on the serious impact that plastic has on our planet and bodies. Our goal is to inspire long-lasting change, together with businesses and individuals, through education and targeted actions.

Goal & Impact


Engaged and educated consumers that make empowered, everyday choices and ultimately, be part of the solution for less plastic in our environment. 

Footprint Foundation’s goal is to educate businesses and consumers on how to prevent plastic from entering our environment and the human body. We’re doing this by supporting projects that enable consumers to make better choices that help turn plastic production off at the tap. Our greatest opportunity to reverse/prevent the negative effects of plastic on the environment and human health is to educate consumers so they actively make better, more empowered choices to create change, reduce plastic pollution and promote the purchase of goods that utilize plastic alternatives. Further, we can help provide opportunities to become actively involved in advocating for reducing plastic use. 

Footprint Foundation will release a new comic every week to spread awareness for Plastic Free July!

Read ours, and then create your own!

Become a Footprint Hero.

Every one of us has the power to change the world. Through every action and choice we make, our collective consumer power is strong enough to make an impact every day. 

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To achieve these goals, we work closely with Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, and sustainably-minded brands.