Our Mission

help us in our goal to eliminate plastic, and make the world a better place.

The Footprint Foundation is dedicated to educating people on the severity of issues that single-use plastic have on our precious planet and joining the movement for positive change. We also share updates on new legislation in your local city, states, and countries. Our hope is that through education, and joining the movement, together individuals, business leaders and we can make a positive impact now.

Footprint, other companies and NGO’s dedicated to eliminating single use plastics.

Footprint’s Ocean Hero’s award identifies companies and thought leaders making the biggest positive impacts.

We can help cultivate broad support for action on the environment to truly create global change through education.

Join the movement as a citizen, or restaurant/resort, or company. Be the change the world needs now.

Goals & Impact

We are passionate about eliminating plastic.

The Foundation was created to help educate people on the severe issues that single-use plastic has on our precious planet & to share updates on new legislation in your local city, states, and countries.


Footprint is reinventing sustainable packaging.

Do you have what it takes to change the world?

The Latest

What’s Happening Now

20085099 lbs
Of Plastic Eliminated.

Since inception, Footprint has eliminated plastic from our world and
continues to be a global leader in the effort to reduce plastic pollution.


The Future is Now

Our vision at Footprint is to transform the grocery store by eliminating single-use plastic. See our vision come to life by clicking below.