Take The Pledge To Quit Plastic


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By 2050, there will be more plastic in our ocean than fish. The time is now to quit plastic. Take the pledge and learn how we can save the planet, together.

Simply put, recycling does not work. Only 4% of plastic is recycled, and most plastic can not be recycled with modern technology. Recycling is not a solution we or the planet can live with.


“A lot of sea turtles and marine wildlife mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and eat it. We need to act now to provide a future for our oceans.”

Christine Figgener, Ph.D. & Marine Conservation Biologist 

Human Health

“The science is telling us that plastic kills. Plastic contributes to chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes, reduces the function of the male sex hormone.”

Dr. Leonardo Trasande, MD, MPP

Air & Land

“Kids are telling me they do not want to be part of an industry that despoils the environment.”

Craig Leeson, Director of A Plastic Ocean

Environmental Justice

“As we face challenges like climate change and ocean pollution, it’s important that there is a real connection and line of communication between the general public and the science community.”

Danni Washington, TV host and Science Communicator

Take The Pledge To Quite Plastic Today! https://pledge2050.org/