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According to The Ocean Conservancy, 8m tonnes of plastic is entering the ocean every year.  The impact on the ocean is well publicised, and encouraging steps are being taken to eliminate plastic waste and pollution. The future of plastics in the ocean will be determined by the way plastics are managed on land – the problem must be addressed throughout the supply chain, and end to end solutions found.

In addition to the effect on ocean health, there are considerable economic impacts.  As reported by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, US$80bn-120bn is lost per year to the global economy because plastic waste is mismanaged.

Finding solutions across the entire plastics value chain is key – from collection, processing, recycling, design and end markets and it will be essential to get consumer buy-in to these approaches.  At the same time, wider support from governments, industry and investors is required to scale up solutions and turn the tide on plastic pollution. Collaboration will be crucial to solve this growing global challenge.

The panel will focus on:

  • Speeding up collaboration between NGOs, governments and industry
  • Identifying where investment is needed the most, especially in developing countries
  • Scaling the solutions to match the size of the problem
  • Adding value to plastic waste and ensuring plastics are part of the circular economy
  • Addressing the end-of-life conversation from the earliest stages of product design

Event Date

5:00am – 12:00pm

Event Organizer

World Ocean Initiative

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